Our top quality motors find application in the automotive industry as well as for power tools. We focus on motors with a performance range up to 3 kW.

- DC-brush motors
- DC-brushless motors
- AC-synchronous motors
- AC-asynchronous motors
- motor components

- Blowers (Axial and Radial)


Our services:
- Engineering
- Production
- Wage work


Electrotechnical appliances


We dispose of longterm experience in engineering and production of electrotechnical appliances for use in gastronomy, households and industry.

- Electromechanical appliances
- Electrothermal appliances


  Our Services:
- Engineering
- Production

Our highend audio products are marketed with the brand soulution. They fulfil highest demands regarding natural music reproduction.

Furthermore we distribute the journal HiFi & Records in Switzerland.

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  Our Services:
- Engineering
- Production
- Distribution